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CNN – Dr. Emil W. Chynn a New York City eye surgeon was featured on CNN New Day
CBS explores bait and switch tactics in NYC LASIK practices! Park Avenue SafeSight™ was found to be the most ethical centre
FOX news explores Park Avenue SafeSight™ and Emil W. Chynn MD’s (eye surgeon from New York) marketing ideas
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
IHT Dr. Emil Chynn and Park Avenue SafeSight™
Sports Illustrated Park Avenue Lasek Emil W. Chynn
Howard Stern featuring Emil W. Chynn
1010 WINS featuring Dr. Emil W. Chynn
Larry Elder Emil Chynn Park Avenue SafeSight™
Women’s Health @ Park Avenue SafeSight™ with Emil W. Chynn and Rhett

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Park Avenue SafeSight is the safest laser vision correction center available because we ONLY do the safest, non-cutting procedure and we do it more than anyone else!


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The Park Avenue SafeSight team works harder so you can still get the safest for your vision at an affordable price. We find you credits off the cost using your insurance, our affordable financing programs, your FSA, your HSA along with many other options we will talk about during your free consultation.

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Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better life, free of glasses and contacts! Over the past decade, Dr. Chynn has helped tens of thousands of patients get rid of their corrective lenses and since 2005, has only been doing the safest procedure available. This is just one of the reasons why he is a recognized leader in refractive surgery world-wide! Your free consultation will include all the information you are seeking to make this very important decision, call us today!

  • Important information about safety of post-LASIK enhancement

    Dr. Emil Chynn has publish numerous articles about Advanced surface ablation technique being safer than LASIK for enhancement surgery as well as primary surgery, click here for one such article.

  • The real difference between PRK and LASEK

    Dr. Emil Chynn is often quoted in medical conferences and is considered as ophthalmology’s greatest proponent of LASEK as the safest procedure to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia. This is a letter he wrote to the Editor of a major world Ophthalmological journal in witch he is teaching other doctors about differences between PRK and LASEK, click here for that letter!.

Maria a model who had SafeSight™ and is better than 20/20 with Rhett the russian borzoi (mascot of Park Avenue SafeSight™)

Maria is a patient who is now better than 20/20 after SafeSight. Rhett is a famous borzoi and our company mascot! The license plate proves that Dr Chynn is the only true LASEK specialist in the US because nobody else has a custom LASEK plate ;)

And Dr Chynn took this picture himself in Washington Square Park near where he lives.

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